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Chronopost is one of the major players in the express delivery of parcels up to 30kg to businesses and individuals around the world. Chronopost serves more than 230 countries in Europe and worldwide. Since 1 July 2012, Chronopost has embarked on a process of total carbon compensation by participating in the program Geopost ZERO TOTAL Group. Chronopost supports annual 2 million international packages. Chronopost integrates its services procedures express clearance thanks to its status as customs and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator). All packages Chronopost to transit through the international hub at Roissy, where 140 people take turns 7/7 24/24 to deal with his package. For 30 years, we have great evolution accompanied by our customers: large companies, SMEs, SOHO or individuals with innovative and differentiating services in France and worldwide.