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Iran is one of the world pioneers in rendering postal services which dates back to thousand years ago. The modern post was launched in more than one-hundred and fifty years ago by Amir Kabir. The deep experience and knowledge of postal services led to Iran Post to be corporated in 1988.  The objective lied in provision of facilities to render postal services to the public, to expand the scope of postal services, to plan, launch, equip and expand post offices based on recent technology and advancements. Recently, Iran Post entered into a new phase of transformation i.e. privatization; the regulatory and operatory body will be separated, and the operatory body will be initially offered in the stock market. The investment is left open to all whether international inventors or domestic ones. Presently Iran Post has an obligation to provide postal services to a population as much as seventy millions, and this mandate will be kept after privatization. We have an extended network of post offices and staff; the details will be explained at the relevant section.