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In addition to fulfilling the basic social role of keeping Mexican society in touch, Correos de México also offers value-added services in philately, messenger services and package delivery, which together benefit not only the citizenry at large, but also commerce and entrepreneurs of all sorts and sizes.

Our broad scope covers 98% of the Mexican Republic, including 29,000 service sites, over 2800 land routes and more than 15,000 collaborators who offer quality services, all of which give us standing as one of the most important distribution services in Mexico. Backed by tradition and experience,

Correos de México is a cutting-edge institution that keeps abreast of rapidly evolving technology. We have reinvented our operating processes to respond to ever more increasing market challenges that demand quality at competitive prices; proof of which are our prices: the lowest in the market, making us the best cost-benefit choice in the market. This is why with Correos de México your parcel Te Llega/Gets to You and with Mexpost it gets there faster