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Pakistan Post office is a state enterprise dedicated to providing wide range of postal products and public services. It is the premier national postal communication service holding together a vast country with a large population. A true emblem of federation, it is committed to Serving every one, every day, everywhere.

Pakistan Post Office is one of the oldest government departments in the Sub-Continent. After independence from the Great Britain it began functioning as the Department of Post & Telegraph.

In 1962 it was separated from the Telegraph & Telephone and was launched as an independent attached department of the Ministry of Communications. Beginning with 3036 post offices in 1947, it has expanded its network to 13419.

It is one of the largest employers in Pakistan having more than 49,502 employees. Apart from the traditional postal services, it boasts a wide range of banking, life insurance and a number of other public services.

Pakistan Post Office provides an extensive range of products and services to cater for both the personal and business needs of various segments of Society. These traditional services constitute the core business of Pakistan Post.

Pakistan Post Office consists of a network of 13,419 post offices, 76 General Post Offices (GPOs), 48 District Mail Offices (DMOs) and 3 Offices of Exchange, along with central management facilities in Islamabad and Lahore. Our purpose is to provide every household and business across Pakistan with the ability to communicate and conduct business with each other and the world efficiently and economically.