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Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts "Ukrposhta" (USEP "Ukrposhta") are managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, is the national postal operator Ukraine under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 10 January 2002.

Activity USEP "Ukrposhta" regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Postal Service" on October 4, 2001, and other laws of Ukraine, as well as the regulations of the Universal Postal Union, of which Ukraine was in 1947.

Ukrposhta operates as an independent economic unit since 1994, when it was formed Ukrainian Union Posts "Ukrposhta", which in July 1998 was reorganized into the current re USEP "Ukrposhta" under the Restructuring Program Ukrposhta of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 04.01.98 at number 1.

Ukrposhta today - is:

- More than 14,000 post offices throughout the country, of which over 10 thousand - in rural areas;

- More than 98 000 employees (including more than 41,000 - the postman) annually perform processing and delivery to customers nearly 300 million postal items, 17.5 million parcels and insured items, 22 million orders, delivering more than 120 million pension;

- Direct fetching to 15 million subscriber mailboxes;

- Distribution by subscription and retail about 10 thousand periodicals, or more than 1.083 billion copies a year (including a subscription - 1, 005 billion copies., Retail - 77.5 million copies.)

- Transport about 40 tons annually periodicals, total mileage vehicles in this case is more than 100 million km.

- Every year, millions of copies standard edition postage stamps, more than 35 subjects of art stamps and blocks, 60 stories feature stamped envelopes and 70 subjects unmarked products.

Provide this work branches enterprises (regional, municipal and specialized management)

Overall Ukrposhta offers consumers some 50 different services.

Support service:0800500440