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[Aviation Total single query - Notes:]
① → The system will automatically identify the flight according to the waybill number, total single-track operation of aeronautical information
② → total single air waybill number must be "three-digit number - Total single master single number," such as: "999-20225984 (similar to the format)."
③ → For systems unable to support the route, please provide the total single number and address (must be the official airline website)! Mail:
④ → currently supports a single number query aviation airlines: Northwest Airlines, Lufthansa, the Federal Aviation, Qianlong, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, TransAsia Airways, Emirates, Korean Air, Jade Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, China Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Post Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Arctic, EVA Air, Japan, China Cargo Airlines, Asiana , Air China, Spring, auspicious, Kelai [still continuing update ....]